Say ‘I Do’ Again: Why a Photographer is a Must for Your Vow Renewal!

North Georgia 10 Year Vow Renewal

Whether you’re renewing your vows on a Georgia lakeside, under the stars, or in your own backyard, you’ll want to remember that moment forever. That’s where having a local Georgia photographer comes in clutch! I’m not just there to snap photos; I’m there to capture the laughter, tears, and all those little moments that make your love story uniquely yours. Ready to dive into why hiring a photographer for your vow renewal is an absolute must? Let’s do this!

Why You Should Hire a Photographer for Your Vow Renewals

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Allie and Peter’s 10 Year Journey: Celebrating Their Love Again

“We met in 2008 in college at Peter’s 20th birthday party. I had some mutual friends with Peter but did not meet him until that night. We hit it off and it went from there! So we actually got originally married two times (so this vow renewal was technically our 3rd 🤪). We originally got married on May 8 in a very small ceremony at St. Brigid Catholic Church with a few of our closest friends and family. It was important for us to be married in the church in front of God.

Two days later, on May 10, we did our big wedding on Lake Oconee in the backyard at Peter’s parents’ lake house. It was a HOT day in May on Mother’s Day weekend and it was so beautiful!! All of our friends and family were there and it was such a fun party! Everything was outside and right in the middle of the reception, it starting POURING (like literally pouring haha). While everyone ran under tents, Peter looked at me and said “we brought everyone here and we can’t let them down so let’s make the most of it” and he pulled me on the dance floor for our first dance. It was by far my favorite moment of the whole day.”

Why Hiring a Photographer for Your Vow Renewal is a Great Idea

Hiring a professional photographer for your vow renewal is totally worth it. They’ll capture all the special moments and real emotions, giving you beautiful, high-quality photos to remember for years to come! Plus, having a pro means you can relax and enjoy the moment without worrying about missing anything. Their creativity will give you unique shots that really show your love story and highlight genuine, candid moments that you will forever cherish.

Vow Renewal Locations in Georgia

Georgia offers an abundance of stunning locations for your vow renewal ceremony! Whether you prefer the tranquility of a serene lake, the beauty of the Northern Georgia mountains, or the vibrant energy of Atlanta, you’ll find so many incredible settings to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

Downtown Atlanta Vow Renewal Spots!

To be completely honest, I find myself heading to Piedmont Park several times a year for Georgia photoshoots, and for good reason! This park is incredibly versatile, accommodating various types of photoshoots. Whether you’re looking for an Atlanta skyline session, a nature-inspired backdrop, or an industrial modern look, Piedmont Park has it all! Check out this blog for more inspo in the city at Millenium Gate near Piedmont Park.

A Classic Georgia Pasture or Meadow

For Allie and Peter’s 10-year vow renewal, we ventured to some family land of my husband’s in North Georgia. This beautiful pasture, complete with horses, provided a breathtaking backdrop and turned out to be an incredibly stunning setting.

Another favorite Georgia meadow of mine is Green Meadows Preserve

North Georgia Mountains

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful Georgia mountain view. I absolutely love capturing engagement sessions at Arabia Mountain, as you can see here. Truthfully, this would also make a stunning location for vow renewals.

Another beautiful location is Chota Falls!

A Vow Renewal Waterfall Ceremony

Okay, hear me out. I know that waterfalls can sometimes be tricky to reach, especially if they are tucked away in the North Georgia mountains and you’re not up for a full-blown hike. Fortunately, there’s another option in Roswell, Georgia, that doesn’t require a long trek. Roswell Mill, a historic location in the city of Roswell, features a beautiful waterfall that’s easily accessible compared to other destinations. However, if you need ADA accommodations, I recommend considering a waterside vow renewal location listed below!

Waterside Vow Renewal

Last, but not least, a beautiful waterside vow renewal location must be considered when planning your vow renewal ceremony! A favorite waterside location of mine is Lake Acworth. This beautiful lake is located in the charming town of Acworth, Georgia and includes a beautiful dock — a perfect setting for vow renewal portraits!

Georgia Wedding Floral Idea for Your Vow Renewals

Renew your vows with vibrant blooms and the nostalgic charm of Ruthie’s Flowers from Atlanta. They create memorable experiences with fresh cut flowers and custom designs, making each ceremony unique. Whether it’s a cozy gathering or a big bash, Ruthie’s Flowers adds joy and beauty, making your vow renewal unforgettable.

I love how Allie’s bouquet turned out! The blend of pink, yellow, and blue florals paired well against the green pasture in the North Georgia mountains!

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