Why Hire a Surprise Proposal Photographer: A Swan House Proposal

Y’all already know of my passion for capturing love, but let me share one of my favorite session types: the privilege of documenting a significant moment like a surprise proposal. Throughout your lifetime, there are countless significant moments worth documenting, and I genuinely believe that a surprise proposal is among the most memorable.

A Swan House Surprise Proposal

Nich and Moli loved taking photos together, it was kinda their thing. So when Nich mentioned he’d set up a photo shoot while Moli was visiting for the weekend, it didn’t really surprise her. (By the way, Moli’s from Houston, Texas). Nich had this grand idea of proposing with the swanky Swan House in the background.

Before the shoot, I shared the plan with Nich: I’d signal him with this particular pose – let’s call it the “bear hug from behind” – and we’d do it once for practice. Then, I’d suggest we try it from a different angle for another shot. That was his cue to drop down on one knee. And guess what? The execution was flawless, and Moli was totally shocked! It truly was a sweet and perfect moment!

Why a Surprise Proposal is Worth It

Your Significant Other Wants Their Surprise Proposal Captured Well

Trust me when I say that most dream about their proposal for yeaaaarrrss!!!!! They want it captured, and captured well.

You Cannot Trust Just Anyone

Don’t trust just anyone to capture that raw and authentic reaction! It happens once. You don’t want to have to reenact it if your friend with an iPhone misses it or your propped up camera gets knocked over. You need and want a professional!

An Experienced Photographer Can Help Plan the Surprise Proposal

Get someone with experience. Chances are this is your first time proposing. Get someone that’s been apart of this to help plan the best way to do it.

You know your significant other best, but whether you want a decoy situation like Nich and Moli or you just need a photographer hidden in a bush ready to pop out. A professional will know the best way to go about either type of situation.

Plan the Ins and Outs Before Hand with a Surprise Proposal Photographer

It takes so much pressure off you to have someone to discuss the ins and outs of how to pull off the perfect surprise proposal. I’ve had a number of guys tell me that it was so helpful using me because I was able to find small holes in their plan that could have ruined the surprise. Small things that they naturally wouldn’t think of, but a professional photographer might. Visit my Pinterest for more proposal photo ideas!

Needless to say, the benefits of hiring a surprise proposal photographer capture such a fun and important moment is SO worth it. Looking for a Georgia Engagement photographer? I would love to help support you in this once-in-a-lifetime moment, inquire here!

Client Testimonial

Rachel is an amazing photographer! She made our proposal photoshoot so much fun and the whole experience was relaxing! I’m so glad that she was the one catching these amazing moments and memories. She is the absolutely best, I highly recommend her!

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