Three Strands Winery Surprise Vineyard Proposal in Dallas, Georgia

David and Abby’s Engagement

This surprise vineyard proposal was located in Dallas, Georgia at Three Strands Vineyard. It was a beautifully orchestrated proposal that left Abby in complete shock!

vineyard proposal

David had this ring for Abby since March. MARCH! To say he was ready to propose to Abby was an understatement. David told Abby (a fellow photographer) that while her dad was in town they should take some family photos with his parents and sister as well. He recommended that they go to a local winery to enjoy some time together as well. Little did she know, this vineyard outing was going to turn into a surprise vineyard proposal!

surprise proposal, vineyard proposal
surprise proposal, vineyard proposal

They ordered some wine and appetizers. Then David asked Abby to walk the vineyard to find a good spot to take a few photos. Walking down the aisle they found rose petals in the shape of a heart. David had laid them earlier that day.

surprise proposal, vineyard proposal

Utter shock ran across Abby’s face! After four years of dating, she joked that it would ever happen. Evidently she had been “asking” him to marry her every day. She thought it was about time that he ask the question.

Abby’s face full of joy was priceless!!

Never have I been so happy to hide amongst the grapevines waiting for such a special moment to take place!! This surprise vineyard proposal is one to remember! I will forever be amazed that I get to have a front row seat to some of the most monumental moments in peoples lives! I truly, truly love my job!!

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