5 Tips for Stress Free Family Photos

Calling all families that avoid family photo shoots because every time you have tried, it ended up with upset children, a frustrated partner, and more anxiety than you could imagine. Let’s be honest here, as a momma of 2 (soon to be 3!), I know how challenging it can be to capture a successful family session that doesn’t leave you in tears. In this blog, I share my most valuable tips for a capturing stress free photos during your family session that I wish I had as a mom who just wanted to document pivotal moments of my beloved family.

I cannot help but include some of my cherished family portraits whenever I share a blog post. Allow me to introduce you to the Pizzano family. The day of their portraits at Lake Acworth was nothing short of perfect, with the crispness of fall in the air, it was a stunning day in Georgia. Lake Acworth is my go-to recommendation for couples or families seeking picturesque waterside portraits. A particularly special moment during this fall family photo shoot was with little Miss Sloan. If I weren’t already expecting, Sloan would have undoubtedly sparked some serious baby fever in me. Her resemblance to my daughter at Sloan’s age was striking. Capturing these timeless moments of families during their formative years always brings immense joy, creating memories to treasure in the years to come.

1. Plan Ahead

Plan ahead, and not just in coordination with your photographer but also with your kids. Don’t wait until the car ride there to inform them that they’ll be standing in front of a stranger with a camera, instructing them to smile. Whether it’s their first time having family photos taken or if they’re known to be a bit shy around strangers, provide them with some advance notice to mentally prepare for the experience!

2. Dress for Success

Typically, photographers will provide you with a style guide to assist you in choosing the perfect color palette for your session. Follow their guidance — they have the expertise with what colors will work well in the location and behind the camera! Personally, I appreciate it when clients share outfit options and seek my opinion. When working with little ones, ensure they are dressed in well-fitting and comfortable clothes. If they are in scratchy or stiff fabrics, it can reflect in their photos, as kids tend to express their feelings through their facial expressions!

3. Keep it Fun and Relaxed

Unlocking natural and authentic moments is reliant on maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere during the session. Encourage your children to express themselves and enjoy the experience. Participate in activities your family enjoys, like playing games, tickling, or sharing jokes. These interactions will help create genuine smiles and laughter, resulting in beautiful and memorable photos. During this family photoshoot, the Pizzano family help keep Sloan relaxed by tossing her in the air, swinging her, and lots of tickles.

4. Be Patient and Flexible

Maintaining patience and adaptability is crucial during family photo sessions, particularly when young children are part of the equation. Acknowledge that children may become restless or experience tantrums (this is normal!!). Miss Sloan during the family photoshoot was full of personality and knew exactly what she wanted – including sitting on a nearby stump for some family portraits. So, we took photos there! Stay composed, maintain patience, and adapt to the situation. Creating a relaxed atmosphere will contribute to everyone feeling at ease, leading to more natural and candid photos, and of course, stress free photos.

5. Trust Your Photographer

Keep in mind that you’ve hired the services of a professional photographer for their expertise. Have confidence in their creative vision and allow them to lead you through the session. With their skills and experience, they can capture beautiful moments. Stay open to their suggestions and follow their prompts. Placing trust in your photographer enables them to work their magic, resulting in the delivery of stunning photos that you will cherish for years to come.

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