Outdoor Spring Wedding at The Barn at Nalley Properties | Villa Rica, Georgia

Jess and Brandon had a beautiful outdoor spring wedding at The Barn at Nalley Properties in Villa Rica, Georgia. This Spring wedding was complete with an intimate barn reception. Keeping with the Spring theme, Jess chose emerald green bridesmaid dressed and white florals with pops of greenery.

outdoor spring wedding

Between their dogs being in the wedding party to the tree planting during the ceremony, Jess and Brandon had the perfect outdoor ceremony. Complete with their vintage green truck for the grand exit!

outdoor spring wedding, dogs in ceremony
vintage car, outdoor wedding
tree planting in ceremony

An outdoor Spring wedding isn’t complete with out a barn reception! Jess and Brandons reception was so warn and intimate! They had long family style tables on either side of the barn with the dance floor smack in the middle. Minimally, but elegantly, decorated with white drapes hanging from the tall ceilings.

outdoor spring wedding, barn reception
Barn reception, spring wedding

The day ended with a classic rice send off and straight into their vintage Ford truck!

outdoor spring wedding, grand exit, rice exit
outdoor spring wedding, grand exit, rice exit
outdoor spring wedding, grand exit, vintage car exit

This adventurous couple was determined to have a relaxed and fun wedding, and that is exactly what they got! When I tell you Jess was a chill bride, I am telling you. She is a CHILL bride. There will unavoidably be some sort of hiccup on a wedding day, wether that is something small like getting 15 minutes behind schedule or something bigger like the wedding rings are lost. Now, nothing like that happened at this wedding lol. But honesty, I’m not sure Jess would have let it phase her one bit. All she cared about was marrying the love of her life!

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