Christmas Tree Farm Family Photos in Georgia

Every year I kickoff the holiday season with Christmas Tree Farm Family Photos at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Powder Springs, Georgia! I can still remember the excitement of being a little kid, bundled up in my winter gear, traipsing through the rows of trees with my family. It wasn’t just about finding the perfect tree; it was about the experience, the laughter, and the joy of knowing that this tree would soon be the centerpiece of our holiday celebrations.

It was a toasty 75 degrees this year during these Christmas Tree Farm Family Photos. Not exactly what you’d call Christmas weather, right? I mean, it’s a bit hard to get into the holiday groove when you’re breaking a sweat, but let me tell you, standing in the midst of hundreds of Christmas trees has a way of working its magic.

The Heartwarming Tradition of Christmas Tree Farm Family Photos

Christmas minis are the highlight of my whole year! There’s just something special about capturing those moments with families all decked out in their festive gear and cozy sweaters – it’s pure joy! And ever since I started my own little family, Christmas has taken on a whole new level of special. It’s like a gentle nudge to slow down and soak in the simple joys of family time. Whether we’re checking out twinkling Christmas lights, chopping down our tree, or turning our place into a winter wonderland, it’s all about that quality time.

My Number 1 Tip for Securing a Christmas Mini Photo Session

  1. Plan + Book Your Spot Ahead of Time!

I’ve been snapping pics of these families for a few years now, and let me spill the tea – having repeat clients is the greatest compliment as a photographer! Because time is limited with any seasonal photoshoot and Client’s come back each year for their annual Christmas card photos, make sure you lock in those Christmas mini sessions early! I hate having to turn people down because my schedule’s full – it genuinely breaks my heart!

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