Favorite Wedding Venues in Atlanta

Hi there! I’m Rachel, a Georgia Wedding and Portrait Photographer, proudly serving Atlanta and beyond. I’ve got a soft spot for intimate weddings and engagements because, let’s face it, love is the most incredible force in the universe. I’m here to capture that magic and preserve it through the art of photography. You’ll often find me chasing those golden hour moments in the great outdoors, where I get document the beauty of two people deeply in love. And speaking of love, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite wedding venues in Georgia to help brides like you find that dream location! So, let’s get into it!

Wildflower 301

Wildflower 301 is THE picturesque wedding venue in the heart of Georgia! It’s known for its natural beauty and rustic charm. With sprawling meadows and a serene ambiance, it provides the perfect backdrop for couples seeking a romantic and intimate outdoor wedding experience. This is the perfect wedding venue for a bride that is looking for a garden wedding vibe!

Juliette Chapel

Juliette Chapel is a delightful wedding venue just north of Atlanta! It offers a blend of classic elegance and Southern charm. This historic chapel provides a timeless setting for couples looking to exchange vows in a quaint and intimate atmosphere.

Ashton Gardens

Ashton Gardens is a captivating wedding venue just north of Atlanta! It is renowned for its lush gardens and a timeless appeal. My personal favorite is the reception area! It is absolutely stunning and has a grand staircase (perfect for bride and groom portraits)! It offers a romantic and picturesque setting for couples looking to celebrate their love in style.

Wildflower Barn

Wildflower Barn is a sought-after wedding venue in Georgia! It is known for its rustic charm and idyllic countryside setting. The wildflower patch is a perfect backdrop for portraits. Surrounded by rolling hills and a beautifully restored barn – that truly does not feel like a typical wedding barn! It provides a warm and inviting space for couples to create unforgettable memories on their special day.

Spring Lake Events

Lakeside Ceremony? Yes, please! Spring Lake Events is a versatile and picturesque wedding venue offering a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural beauty. With its serene lake, stunning outdoor spaces, and open barn space for your reception, it’s an ideal setting for couples seeking a harmonious and memorable wedding experience. (10/10 recommend)!

Montaluce Winery

This one is on my bucket list! Montaluce Winery is in the scenic landscape of Georgia! It is known for its vineyard views and Tuscan-inspired architecture. This enchanting destination offers a romantic and wine-infused ambiance, providing couples with a unique and picturesque backdrop for their special day. This wedding venue is basically a dupe for a destination wedding location without the price! The images below were captured by a dear friend of mine who also is a Georgia-based photographer! Check out her work, here!

The Venue at Twin Oaks

Last, but not least is The Venue at Twin Oaks! It is located in the heart of Georgia! It is a captivating wedding venue known for its elegant Southern estate charm and stunning gardens. What I believe that sets this wedding venue apart from others is the option for pre-wedding accommodations with a private treehouse for the wedding night! This wedding venue creates a timeless and enchanting atmosphere for couples looking to celebrate their love in a classic Southern style.

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