Why You Should Consider First Look Photos Before Your Ceremony

I see you scrolling on Pinterest searching for those “must have” wedding day photos to share with your photographer for inspiration. Hi! It’s me, your local Georgia Wedding and elopement Photographer that absolutely ADORES capturing first look photos during your wedding celebration! A ‘first look’ is when a couple sees each other for the first time in a private location before the ceremony.

It’s a lovely newer wedding tradition but, I understand that it is not for everyone! There are a variety of excellent reasons for it, and against it. You do what is right for you! For those of you on the fence about first look photos, I’m going to share a few reasons why I love capturing first look photos for my clients!

Bride at lake in front of red building.

More Freedom to Explore Your Ceremony Venue + Reception Space

Choosing first look photos gives you more opportunity to look around at the ceremony and reception space. This can be very helpful for couples because you don’t have to hide all day and can focus on celebrating your love!

groom kissing brides forehead.

Settling Nerves Before your Wedding Ceremony with First Look Photos

Wedding jitters are REAL and super normal (it’s not just a you thing, I promise!). Choosing first look photos can help settle your nerves before the ceremony and be more present throughout your celebration (win, win)!

Bride walking towards groom for first look by water.

A Private Moment for the Bride and Groom

Seeing your soon to be spouse can be such a beautiful, emotion-filled moment, and having a first look allows for capturing both reactions in one photo. As opposed to the traditional aisle first look, where only one reaction can be captured at a time.

bride and groom looking at each other.

More Time for Your Wedding Portraits After the Ceremony

On a more practical side, first looks allow for a lot more room in the timeline for portraits. Typically, I take a few minutes to get bride and groom portraits immediately after the first look and then move straight into bridal party portraits. Choosing first look photos allows for less photos that need to be taken following the ceremony and gets you into your reception sooner to celebrate!

bride and groom kissing during first look.

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